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Confocal Sensors

IFS2407-0 1(001)

Micro-Epsilon IFS2407-3 Confocal Chromatic Sensor Suitable for Measurements on Curved Surfaces, 3mm Measuring Range, 12 mm Sensor Diameter, Large Stand Off, Large Tilt Angle, for use with any ConfocalDT IFC Controller

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The Micro-Epsilon confocal chromatic confocalDT IFS2407-3 sensor has a large measuring range of 3 mm while offering a large offset distance. Due to its large tilt angle of ± 30°, the sensor is particularly suitable for measurements on curved surfaces such as gearwheels or external threads.


  • Measuring range: 3.0 mm
  • Linearity: max. 0.75 µm
  • Resolution: max. 20 nm
  • Ideal for curved and reflecting surfaces
  • Max Tilt Angle: ± 30°