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E32 Special Application

Omron E32 Special Application Fiber Optic Sensor Head

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The Omron E32 Special Application Fiber Optic Sensor are optimized for a wide range of special applications like wafer mapping, hot reflective surface detection, etc. Also, ideal for color mark detection. Special application fiber heads include nut type heads, wafer-mapping heads, limited relefective heads (glass detection), and more.


  • Sensor Type: Through-Beam, Diffused Reflective
  • Detection of special objects (liquids, transparent foils, etc.)
  • Challenging Print Marks: Ideal for color mark detection when used with the color/mark detection amplifier E3X-DAC-S. This allows for inspection of even the most challenging marks with complex designs or minimal contrast.
  • Fiber heads optimized for special tasks (wafer mapping, hot reflective surface detection, etc.)
  • Flat Glass Detection: The limited reflective fiber heads for glass detection provide stable detection of flat glass in standard, hot or even wet environments.
  • Height Differences: Capable of detecting very small height differences like labels on foil, the small sized limited reflective sensors provide accurate detection up to 100μm resolution.