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Intelligent Motor


Technosoft iMOT232S TM-CAT Intelligent Stepper Motor with 1.0 Nm Nominal Torque at 1400rpm, 12-48V Motor Supply, 15-36V Logic Supply, 2.8 Amps Nominal Current, 12-bit Magnetic Single Turn Absolute Encoder with 4096-Bits/Revolution, RS-232 Serial & Dual 100Mbps EtherCAT Interface, CAN Application Protocol Over EtherCAT® (CoE), 4 x Digital Input, 2 x Digital Output, 1 x Analog Input and M8/M12 Connector

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  • Fully digital intelligent 2 phase step motor with embedded motion controller, drive and absolute position sensor
  • Available in 2 motor lengths, offering 1000 and 1600 mNm of continuous torque
  • Motor supply: 12.5-48V; Logic supply 12.5-36V; Rated current 2.8 A
  • No load speed of 750 and 1400 rpm at 48V
  • Advanced motion control capabilities (PVT, S-curve, electronic cam)
  • Motion programming via TML (Technosoft Motion Language) or motion libraries for Visual C/VB/LabVIEW/Linux and PLC
  • Two control options: stepless closed loop servo using an absolute feedback sensor; stepper open loop using microstepping and step loss detection based on the feedback sensor
  • Standalone operation with stored motion sequences
  • Communication:
  • RS-232 serial communication for drive commissioning
  • Dual 100Mbps EtherCAT® ports that supports CAN application protocol over EtherCAT® (CoE) in conformance with CiA 402 device profile
  • Digital and analogue I/Os:
  • 4 digital programmable inputs, 5-24V, PNP/NPN *
  • 2 digital outputs, 24V, PNP (0.3A) / NPN (0.4A) *
  • 1 analogue input: 12 bits resolution, 0-5V
  • Feedback devices:
  • Integrated absolute position sensor offering a resolution of 4096 bits/revolution
  • Protections:
  • Over-current, over-temperature, short circuit
  • Over and undervoltage, i2t, control error
  • 2.5K × 16 SRAM for data acquisition
  • 4K × 16 E2ROM for TML motion programs and data storage