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Inductive Displacement Sensor

induSENSOR Series EDS

Micro-Epsilon induSENSOR Series EDS Long Stroke Inductive Displacement Sensor for Hydraulics & Pneumatics

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The sensor elements of the EDS series are protected by a pressure resistant stainless steel housing. The sensor electronics and signal conditioning are completely integrated in a sensor flange. As a target an aluminum tube is used which is integrated into the piston rod and is passed over the sensor rod in a non-contact, wear- free manner. Due to the eddy current principle applied, no permanent magnets need to be mounted inside the cylinder. Its robust design make the EDS long-stroke sensor ideal for the integration into hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, for the displacement and position measurement of pistons or valves, e.g. for the measurement of displacement, distance, position, gap ƒƒdeflection ƒƒmovement, stroke filling level, immersion depth and spring travel, especially under harsh industrial conditions.


  • Measuring ranges (mm): 75 | 100 | 160 | 200 | 250 | 300 | 400 | 500 | 630
  • Linearity max. 0.3mm
  • Resolution max. 0.05mm
  • High pressure resistance
  • Oil resistant and maintenance-free
  • Ideal for displacement measurements in hydraulic cylinders