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Laser Measurement (Triangulation & Distance) Sensor

optoNCDT 2300

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 2300 is the latest High-End Model of Laser Triangulation Sensor with Measuring Ranges of 2 | 5 |10 | 20 | 50 | 100 | 200 | 300 mm & Adjustable Measuring Rate up to 49.140 kHz.

The optoNCDT 2300 is the high performance version of Micro-Epsilon laser triangulation sensors and offers an adjustable measuring rate of up to 49.14 kHz. The entire electronics is integrated in a compact sensor housing. The high precision laser sensors is particularly used for high speed applications such as the monitoring of vibrations or measurements on challenging surfaces. It is used on diffuse reflecting surfaces and for directly reflecting surfaces when equipped with the special alignment feature. The new A-RTSC (Advanced Real Time Surface Compensation) feature is a development based on the proven RTSC technology and, with its improved dynamic range, enables a more precise real time surface compensation during the measurement process. The optoNCDT 2300 laser sensors can be operated via a web interface which offers multiple possibilities in order to process measured values and signals, e.g., peak selection, filter and masking of the video signal.


  • High speed 49,000 hz real time measurement
  • ARTSC advanced real time surface compensation
  • New improved optics
  • New improved CCD
  • Dual measurement mode 2 in 1 (diffuse and specular)
  • Thickness mode built in
  • Most compact design, single piece without external controller
  • Advance signal processing ( filters, stats, trigger, synch...)
  • New Ethernet, Ethercat, RS422, Profinet, EtherNet/IP interface
  • Embedded set up browser
  • Various ranges, blue and LL anti speckle option