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Industrial LoRa/LoRaWAN Wireless I/O Module


Advantech WISE-S617-A IP65 I/O Module with 2 x Analog Input Channels, 2 x Digital Input Channels, 1 x Digital Output Channel, 1 x RS-485, M12 Connector & 2 x 12V DC Power Output, RoHS


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  • Private LoRa and LoRaWAN selectable
  • Longer communication range
  • Better penetration through concrete and steel
  • Less interference than 2.4GHz spectrum
  • Application-ready I/O combination with IP65 enclosure
  • Powered by solar rechargeable battery or 10~50VDC input
  • GPS/Galileo/BeiDou/GLONASS support

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Weight 2 lbs