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Micro-Epsilon IFS2405-1 Confocal Chromatic Sensor for Precise Displacement, Distance and Position Measurements on all Surfaces, 27 mm Sensor Diameter, Large Standoff Distance, Measurement Range of 1.0 mm, for use with any ConfocalDT IFC Controller

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The Micro-Epsilon IFS2405-1 Confocal Chromatic Sensor is a robust sensor with a long stand off for various applications featuring one sided thickness & distance measurement with submicron resolution. The sensor has an extremely small spot size and can tollerate a large tilt angle. It is ideal for high resolution measurements on all surfaces, including structured and shiny.


  • Measuring range: 1.0 mm
  • Resolution: 28 nm
  • Light spot diameter: 8 µm
  • Numerical aperture 0.55
  • Max. tilt angle ± 30°
  • Sensor diameter 27 mm