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Confocal Sensors

IFS2406-2 5/VAC(003)

Micro-Epsilon IFS2406-2,5/VAC(003) Confocal Chromatic Sensor for Precise Displacement, Distance and Position Measurements Measurements on all Surfaces, Vacuum Suitable, 20 mm Sensor Diameter, Large Stand Off, Measuring Range of 2.5 mm, for use with any ConfocalDT IFC Controller

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The Micro-Epsilon confocal IFS2406 can perform distance measurements on reflecting or transparent surfaces, the sensor can also be used in one-sided thickness measurements of transparent film, layers, or plates. The IFS2406-2,5 sensors are suitable for vacuum applications and extremely versatile in terms of its use.


  • Measuring range: 2.5 mm
  • Resolution: 24 nm
  • Light spot diameter: 10 µm
  • Max. tilt angle :± 16°
  • Numerical aperture: 0,30
  • Sensor diameter: ø 20 mm