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Intelligent Drive


Technosoft iMOTIONCUBE CAN Intelligent Drive with 1.6 kW, 12-80V Motor Supply, 12-36V Logic Supply, 20 Amps Continuous Output Current, 40 Amps Peak Output Current, RS-232 Serial & Dual RJ45 CAN Interface, TMLCAN & CANopen Protocol, 4 x Digital Input, 4 x Digital Output and 2 x Analog Input



  • Motion controller and drive in a single compact unit based on MotionChip TM technology
  • Universal solution for control of rotary and linear brushless, brushed and 2 or 3-phase step motors
  • Advanced motion control capabilities (PVT,S-curve, electronic cam)
  • Motor supply: 12-80V; Logic supply 12-36V
  • Output current: 20A cont. (BLDC mode)*; 40APEAK , up to 125KHz PWM
  • Feedback Devices (dual-loop support)
  • 1st feedback devices supported:
  • Incremental encoder interface (single ended or differential)
  • Analogue sin/cos encoder interface (differential 1Vpp)
  • Digital Hall sensor interface (single ended and open collector)
  • 2nd feedback devices supported:
  • Incremental encoder interface (single ended)
  • pulse & direction interface (single ended) for external (master) digital reference
  • Separate ENABLE circuit: connect both ENA1 and ENA2 inputs to +24V, to allow motor PWM output operation
  • 4 digital inputs, 5-36V, PNP/NPN programmable: 2 for limit switches, 2 general-purpose
  • 4 digital outputs, 5-36V, 0.5A, NPN open-collector: Ready, Error, 2 general-purpose
  • 2 analogue inputs: 12-bit, 0-5V: Reference, Feedback or general purpose
  • RS-232 serial & dual RJ45 CAN connectors
  • TMLCAN and CANopen (CiA 301 v4.2, CiA 305 v.2.2.13 and CiA 402 v3.0) protocols selectable by h/w axis ID pin inputs
  • 127 h/w addresses in CANopen mode and 196 h/w addresses in TMLCAN mode
  • 4k x 16 SRAM memory for data acquisition (default configuration) extendable up to 20k x 16
  • 16k x16 E2ROM to store setup data, TML motion programs, cam tables and other user data
  • Operating ambient temperature: 0-40°C (over 40°C with derating)
  • Programmable protections: short-circuit between motor phases and from motor phases to GND, over/under-voltage, over-current, I 2t, control error