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Improving Packaging Processes

Omron is focused on designing and developing quality products to help packaging companies streamline their food packaging processes. Omron is a leader in developing technology to maximize output, produce quality products, meet industry standards, and create scalability.

Check out the following 5 Omron products that have been customized to solve and improve efficiency in the food packaging industry.

5 Best Omron Food Packaging Products

1. F440 Smart Camera

The F440 Smart Camera by Omron is a high-resolution smart camera designed to be compact to fit just about anywhere. This smart camera is designed with a 5 MP Global Shutter sensor and allows the operator to customize settings including lensing, lighting, cabling, and more. The F440 Smart Camera is the ideal choice for a company looking for a flexible smart camera without needing a PC for additional software.
The F440 Smart Camera is IP40-rated and supports a range of communication options including Digital I/O, RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™, and PROFINET. It is designed to embed easily within a machine without sacrificing performance or capabilities. This camera is applicable for food packaging, but also life sciences and any other industry requiring small form factor smart cameras.

2. V450 Rugged Handheld Barcode Reader

The V450 Rugged Handheld Barcode Reader by Omron is available wired or wireless, is drop-tested, and is chemical resistant, making it the ideal choice for harsh industrial environment use in a warehouse or processing center. This barcode scanner is also rated dust and spray proof, meeting IP65 and IP67 standards.

This handheld barcode reader is designed to process both 1D and 2D labels, and direct part marks. The wireless option is Bluetooth compatible and can connect directly to a PC, tablet, or any other smart device for optimum versatility. The V450 is the ideal option for businesses looking to scale their food packing process with minimal technology set up and management.

3. QX-830 Laser Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanner

The QX-830 Laser Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanner by Omron is a barcode scanner designed specifically for industrial use in a variety of automated environments. It is capable of sensing barcodes out to 762mm and is capable of reading 1D barcodes that have been damaged, misaligned, or poorly printed.

The QX-830 scanner uses X-Mode technology and has an IP54 industrial sealing, making it ideal for harsh environments. It is compatible with embedded ethernet TCP, IP and ethernet, and standard IP for efficient and fast communication. The scanner is designed to be compact, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications. It also comes with an easy set up program that does not require a computer to minimize downtime and streamline management.

4. MicroHAWK V430 Industrial Ethernet Barcode Reader

The MicoHAWK V430 Industrial Ethernet Barcode Reader by Omron is the improved and more advanced model of the ID-40. The MicroHAWK V430 boasts expanded functionality even though it is the smallest rated IP65/67 barcode reader. The barcode reader can process 1D, 2D, and DPM codes and is designed for harsh environments, thanks to its durable case.

The MicroHAWK V430 comes with expanded features including optional liquid lens autofocus, lighting and optics options, and is ethernet/IP, ethernet TCP/IP, and PROFINET compatible. The MicroHAWK product line offers increased modular hardware options and is one of the best performing barcode readers available.

5. LVS-9585 Handheld Barcode Verifier

The LVS-9585 handheld DPM barcode verifier by Omron is a versatile and high-functionality barcode verifier. It can process both 1D and 2D codes and has an auto-find feature to automatically search for the DPM symbol within the scanner’s field of view to ensure nothing is missed This verifier is also designed to test both DPM parts and printed labels, and can process various barcode types including linear and stacked linear.

The LVS-9585 is designed to be versatile and can verify barcodes on an array of surfaces including shipping containers, metal, plastics, composites, cardboard, and PCBs. Quality is assured with the LVS-9585 as it is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, includes a NIST-Traceable Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card, and can validate ISO/IEC, ANSI, GSI, and UDI print quality standards.

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Omron continues to remain on the cutting edge of technology development to improve food packaging processes for the industry as a whole.

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