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Natural Gas Data Logger DM01

Natural gas is a powerful and versatile fuel source that makes up about 33% of the total United States energy consumption. As the use of this fuel source continues to expand, industry professionals will need to have access to robust, responsive, and sophisticated tools to monitor ongoing safety and gather valuable data for long-term planning.

The Natural Gas Data Logger DM01 is a state-of-the-art device designed to measure, track, and record the pressure and temperature of natural gas.


Product Features:

  • The DM01 features precision sensors that can measure natural gas pressure and temperature in real time, allowing the user to quickly respond to any immediate safety concerns, such as low pressure or leaks.
  • A straightforward 1/4npt or 1/2npt threaded connection provides ease of use and quick, accurate readings.
  • The DM01’s wide pressure range makes it applicable in a variety of natural gas settings.
  • Long-term data storage allows users to analyze long-term trends and perform predictive maintenance on tanks or other equipment.
  • The DM01 is lightweight and portable, weighing around 2 lbs, making it easy to transport into commercial facilities, residential areas or any other natural gas industrial application.

Support & Superior Customer Service

Natural gas is a common fuel source in electricity generation, residential and commercial heating, and various manufacturing processes. Since it is often thought of as a cleaner energy source, experts predict that demand for natural gas will increase in the future. As our customers continue to adapt for an evolving energy future, Diversified Technologies remains committed to providing specialized support and superior customer service.

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The Natural Gas Data Logger DM01 Measures, Tracks, & Records the Pressure & Temperature of Natural Gas

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