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Diesel-Powered Industries

Diesel fuel is often relied on to do our economy’s toughest jobs, so it is essential for diesel-powered industries to have a reliable, continuous measurement system for their fuel tanks. Diesel level sensors are widely used in both stationary and mobile fuel storage systems, providing real-time data to improve inventory management and prevent costly downtime or fuel shortages.

18.605 G Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter

While there are a variety of methods for tracking fuel tank levels, one of the most efficient tools is the 18.605 G Stainless Steel Pressure Transmitter with Stainless Steel Sensor. This dependable and accurate submersible pressure sensor fits a wide variety of general use applications and has nominal pressure ranges from 0 to 1 mH2O up to 0 to 10 mH2O. The product’s piezoresistive stainless steel sensor provides accurate data packaged in a simple yet durable sensor design, and the PVC cable sheath ensures that the sensor’s components remain resistant to breakdown from diesel fuel oil over the product’s lifespan. The sensor can be configured with a 2-wire or 3-wire setup for added customization.

The 18.605 G Pressure Transmitter and Sensor has a 0.5% FSO accuracy rate, making it a strong choice for large scale operations. Fast sensor response times (≤ 10 milliseconds for the 2-wire setup and ≤ 3 milliseconds for the 3-wire setup), ensure that operators and technicians have nearly instantaneous feedback on a machine’s changing fuel levels. This precise data is essential for diesel-powered industries to track timely refilling, prevent costly overflows, and enhance operational efficiency.

Although gas-powered and electric cars are prevalent in the United States, diesel engines still power the majority of commercial vehicles on land, air and sea. Diesel is a powerful fuel that packs more energy and efficiency in each gallon than gasoline, making it a more economical choice overall. Diesel engines are commonly used in construction, agriculture, military vehicles, school buses, commercial delivery trucks, and are trusted to power large scale generators for hospitals and industrial facilities.

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Selecting the Appropriate Diesel Level Sensors

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