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Accurate Measurement of Aggressive Chemicals

In the realm of industrial processes, the accurate measurement of aggressive chemicals is paramount for ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance. BD SENSORS, a renowned player in the field of sensor technology, offers a range of level transducers designed to meet the challenges posed by aggressive chemicals. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the capabilities of BD SENSORS level transducers, their applications, and the reasons behind their effectiveness in measuring aggressive chemicals.

Understanding Aggressive Chemicals:

Aggressive chemicals, often corrosive or reactive in nature, pose unique challenges when it comes to measurement and monitoring in industrial settings. Traditional measurement instruments may succumb to the corrosive effects of these chemicals, leading to inaccurate readings, equipment failure, and safety hazards. BD SENSORS level transducers are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions associated with aggressive chemicals, making them an ideal choice for various industries.

Features of BD SENSORS Level Transducers:

  1. Corrosion Resistance: BD SENSORS level transducers are crafted from high-quality materials that exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance. Whether it’s acids, bases, or other corrosive substances, these transducers can withstand prolonged exposure without compromising accuracy.
  2. Chemical Compatibility: The materials used in BD SENSORS level transducers are carefully selected to ensure compatibility with a wide range of aggressive chemicals. This compatibility extends the lifespan of the transducers and maintains measurement accuracy over time.
  3. Sealing Technology: Effective sealing is crucial in preventing aggressive chemicals from infiltrating sensitive components. BD SENSORS employs advanced sealing technologies to create a robust barrier, safeguarding the internal components and ensuring reliable performance in aggressive chemical environments.
  4. Temperature Stability: Some aggressive chemicals are associated with extreme temperatures. BD SENSORS level transducers are designed to operate consistently across a broad temperature range, providing reliable measurements even in challenging thermal conditions.

Applications of BD SENSORS Level Transducers in Aggressive Chemical Environments:

  1. Chemical Processing Plants: BD SENSORS level transducers find extensive use in chemical processing plants where a variety of aggressive chemicals are handled. The transducers accurately measure the levels of these chemicals in tanks and vessels, facilitating precise control of industrial processes.
  2. Petrochemical Industry: In the petrochemical industry, where corrosive substances are prevalent, BD SENSORS level transducers play a crucial role in monitoring liquid levels in storage tanks. The robust design of these transducers ensures long-term reliability in harsh petrochemical environments.
  3. Water Treatment Facilities: Aggressive chemicals are often used in water treatment processes. BD SENSORS level transducers enable accurate measurement of chemical levels, aiding in the optimization of water treatment processes for improved efficiency and environmental compliance.
  4. Laboratory Settings: Laboratories dealing with aggressive chemicals require precise measurement instruments. BD SENSORS level transducers provide a reliable solution for measuring chemical levels in laboratory equipment, ensuring safety and accuracy in experiments.

Why BD SENSORS Level Transducers Excel in Measuring Aggressive Chemicals:

  1. Material Selection: BD SENSORS employs advanced materials, such as corrosion-resistant alloys and ceramics, in the construction of their level transducers. This thoughtful material selection ensures durability and longevity in aggressive chemical environments.
  2. Robust Design: The transducers are designed with a focus on robustness. Reinforced housings, secure sealing, and durable components contribute to the overall resilience of BD SENSORS level transducers, allowing them to withstand the challenges posed by aggressive chemicals.
  3. Quality Manufacturing Processes: BD SENSORS adheres to stringent manufacturing processes to maintain the quality and reliability of their level transducers. This commitment to quality ensures that each transducer meets the highest industry standards for performance and accuracy.
  4. Customization Options: BD SENSORS recognizes that different industries have unique requirements. Therefore, they offer customization options, allowing users to tailor the level transducers to specific applications. This flexibility enhances the adaptability of the transducers in measuring aggressive chemicals across diverse settings.

Product Examples of BD SENSORS Level Transducers for Aggressive Chemical Measurement:

Now that we’ve explored the features, applications, and reasons behind the effectiveness of BD SENSORS level transducers in measuring aggressive chemicals, let’s take a closer look at some specific product examples offered by BD SENSORS:

1. BD|SENSORS LMP307 Submersible Level Transmitter:


  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing.
  • Designed for submersible applications, making it ideal for aggressive chemical storage tanks.
  • High accuracy and reliability in measuring liquid levels.
  • Customizable for specific chemical compatibility requirements.

2. BD|SENSORS LMK458 Industrial Pressure Transmitter:


  • Suitable for measuring liquid levels in aggressive chemical environments.
  • All-welded stainless steel construction ensures robustness.
  • Advanced sensor technology for accurate pressure and level measurements.
  • Options for various output signals and electrical connections.

3. BD|SENSORS LMK351 Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter:


  • Flush diaphragm design prevents clogging and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Resistant to aggressive media, including corrosive chemicals.
  • High overpressure resistance for added durability.
  • Suitable for applications in chemical processing plants and industrial laboratories.

4. BD|SENSORS LMK806 Plastic Submersible Level Transmitter:


  • Constructed with chemically resistant plastics for aggressive media.
  • Submersible design for accurate level measurements in tanks and vessels.
  • Ideal for applications in water treatment facilities dealing with corrosive chemicals.
  • Excellent temperature stability for consistent performance.

5. BD|SENSORS LMK808 Flush Pressure Transmitter:


  • Flush diaphragm design for applications with viscous or crystallizing media.
  • Chemical-resistant materials for reliable performance in aggressive chemical environments.
  • Wide temperature range capability.
  • Customizable options to meet specific industry requirements.
These product examples showcase the diversity and specialization that BD SENSORS offers in their level transducer lineup. Whether it’s submersible transmitters for aggressive chemical storage or flush diaphragm pressure transmitters for challenging industrial processes, BD SENSORS provides solutions that prioritize accuracy, durability, and safety in the measurement of aggressive chemicals.


BD SENSORS’ commitment to innovation and quality is evident in their diverse range of level transducers designed specifically for aggressive chemical applications. These products not only exemplify the technological prowess of BD SENSORS but also underscore their dedication to providing tailored solutions for industries where precision and reliability are non-negotiable. As the demand for accurate and durable measurement instruments continues to grow, BD SENSORS remains at the forefront, offering cutting-edge products that set the standard for excellence in aggressive chemical measurement.

BD SENSORS Set the Standard for Excellence in Aggressive Chemical Measurement

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