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When it comes to the Food and Beverage Industry, hygiene is quintessential in the process of manufacturing these kinds of products. Whether the company produces food, drinks, tobacco, or pharmaceutical products, you will always need a sensor that is specifically designed with:

  • no blind pockets, cracks, edges,
  • material surfaces with low roughness depths
  • pressure measuring instruments easy to fit or remove
  • flush coupling components
  • may be cleaned and steam sterilized in installed condition (CIP, SIP)

With that being said, Diversified Technologies offers a wide variety of pressure sensors specific to hygienical applications that are all backed by the most common hygiene standards/certifications. These include the following products:

In addition, the products showcased above also include unique characteristics and special features catering specifically to hygienical applications. These include but are not limited to:

  • nominal pressures from 0 – 100 mbar to 40 bar, vacuum range,
  • also symmetrical in measuring range ± 50 to ± 500 mbar
  • hygienic process connections, e.g. Tri-Clamp, milk pipe screwed connection DIN 11864, Neumo-Connect, Varivent etc.
  • intrinsically safe Ex type to ATEX, or IEC-Ex
  • foodstuffs compliant transfer fluids
  • various analog and digital output signals
  • process transmitter adjustable via HART communication
  • Protection classes IP65 to IP69K
Foodstuffs compliant materials:

  • stainless steel 1.4404 / 1.4435, Tantalum, Hastelloy
  • surfaces can be polished extra smooth on request
  • ultrapure pure ceramics (AL203 99.9%), polished
  • elastomeric seals made of EPDM, FKM, etc.
Lastly, Diversified Technologies has a variety of hygiene standards and certifications utilized on our line of hygienical pressure sensors. These include:

In summary, when dealing with food & beverage applications, hygiene is a critical component to the solution. Without reliable, safe, and cost effective hygienical sensors the food and beverage industry would collapse. Therefore, Diversified Technologies dedicated to providing a vast variety of industry leading sensors oriented around top notch hygiene standards/characteristics to ensure safe and reliable production of food & beverages.

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