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The machinery and plant manufacturing quarter reaches an impressively large range of various applications. Plant control is grounded in dependable and accurate measurements based on sensors. This would especially also apply to the measurements and communication of pressure and fill levels. Here are some examples to name a few:

  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Machine tools / presses / injection molding machines
  • Test rigs / test systems

Increasing automation along with digital networking, progressively shifts the focus to intelligent solutions and digital communication between machinery and plant/equipment.

Characteristics / Special Features:

  • Nominal pressures from -1 – 0 to 0 – 8 000 bar
  • A diversity of mechanical and electrical connections
  • Analog (4 – 20 mA/2L) / 0 – 10 V/3L / 0.5 – 4.5 V/3L rat
  • Digital (IO link / RS485 ModBus / I²C etc.) output
  • Enclosure and sensor materials suited for virtually all media found in plant and machinery
  • Protection classes IP65 to IP69K

DMP 320

DMP 320 stands for precision and speed.

Designed with a response time of ≤ 0.5 msec and a sampling rate of 10 kHz. The pressure transmitter was designed for applications, in which an exceedingly fast and exact pressure measuring is required. Peaks, pressure curves and hits can be monitored as well as evaluated exactly.

The signal processing of the sensor signal is done through newly developed digital electronics. These electronics possess the ability to detect the signal with a sampling rate of 10 kHz. Sensor-specific deviations such as hysteresis, non-linearity and temperature errors are compensated actively.

Product Features:

  • Nominal pressure: 0 … 100 mbar up to 0 … 600 bar
  • Accuracy: 0.1% FSO
  • Internal sample rate 10 kHz
  • Excellent thermal behavior
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Extremely short response times ≤ 0.5 ms

Optional Features:

  • Customer specific versions

DCT 531

The DCT 531 with RS485 interface employs the communication protocol Modbus RTU, which has paved the way in industrial communication as an open protocol. Modbus protocol is based on master slave architecture with which up to 247 Slaves can be questioned by a master. The data will transfer in binary form.

Due to the utilization of high-quality components and materials, the DCT 531 is appropriate for almost every industrial application, if medium is compatible with stainless steel 316L.

Modular concepts of the pressure transmitter allow customized electrical or mechanical connections, so it is easy to adapt the DCT 531 to different conditions on-site.

Product Features:

  • Nominal pressure: 0 … 100 mbar up to 0 … 400 bar
  • Accuracy: 0.25% FSO
  • Output signal: RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Perfect thermal behavior
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Reset function

Optional Features:

  • Pressure port G 1/2″ flush up to max. 40 bar
  • Pressure sensor welded
  • Customer specific versions


  • Fuels and oils
  • Water
  • Gases

DMP 304

The high-pressure transmitter, DMP 304 has been specifically engineered for applications with the highest demand on precision and reliability. DMP 304 series is grounded on a compensated strain gauge, bonded onto a stainless-steel diaphragm.

Thanks to the rugged stainless-steel housing, usage under extreme conditions and in IS-required areas are no problem.

Product Features:

  • Nominal pressure: 0 … 2000 bar up to 0 … 6000 bar
  • Accuracy: 0.5% (opt. 0.25 %) FSO
  • Pressure port 9/16″ UNF
  • 80% calibration signal with MIL / Bendix plug
  • Adjustability of offset and span via front sided potentiometers

Optional Features:

  • IS-version
  • Ex ia = intrinsically safe for gases
  • Pressure port M20 x 1.5 and M16 x 1.5

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