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The machinery and plant manufacturing sector spans an extraordinarily broad range of different applications. Plant control is centered around reliable and accurate measurements based on sensors. This especially applies to the measurement and communication of pressure and fill levels.

DCT 531

The DCT 531 along with RS485 interface utilizes the communication protocol Modbus RTU. The RTU found the way in industrial communication as an open protocol. The Modbus protocol is based on a master Slave architecture with which up to 247 Slaves can be questioned by a master. The data will then be transferred in binary form.

Due to the utilization of high-quality materials along with components, the DCT 531 is satisfactory for almost every industrial application, if medium is compatible with stainless steel 316L.

The modular concept of the pressure transmitter allows customized electrical or mechanical connections, so it is easy to adapt the DCT 531 to different conditions on-site.

DCT 571

The pressure transmitter DCT 571 was designed for applications in plant and mechanical engineering or in laboratory technology. It was designed to measure pressures or levels of pasty, contaminated or aggressive media.

The self-designed pressure sensor made up of 99.9% pure ceramic, is characterized by a high overload capacity, as well as temperature and media resistance.

The integrated RS 485 interface and the MODBUS RTU protocol ensure reliable and robust data transmission, which can also work over long distances.

DMP 321

The pressure transmitter DMP 321 displays the furthest in developments in many applications, approved DMP 331. It shows off an improved signal behavior along with setting new standards in the industrial class.

Its metallic diaphragm made of stainless steel (1.4435 / 316L) offers an exceptionally impressive corrosion resistance in many industrial processes. The modular device concept allows to combine different pressure ranges with a variety of electrical and mechanical connections. Hence, a diversity of variations is created, meeting almost all requirements in industrial applications.

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