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Capturing tiny barcodes and digital part marks has become one of the newest challenges for manufacturers and other businesses looking to boost product traceability, automate more processes, and get better visibility into their inventory and work in process.

Scanning such small barcodes or part marks can’t be done reliably with many conventional scanners, especially when data is getting smaller and smaller and when there are so many other complicating factors such as available light, scanning distance, and surface area readability.

This is why more specialized scanners are needed to capture tiny data, with different lensing, lighting and mounting options to accommodate all of these factors and ensure first-time, every- time scanning.

Fortunately, with Zebra’s new Fixed Industrial Scanning (FIS), companies now have a simple yet extremely powerful, flexible and automated way to scan the tiniest 1D or 2D barcodes as well as 2D DPM data matrix barcodes.

With Zebra’s breakthrough scanners, you get everything you need in a solution that’s ready to configure and get up and running right out of the box. You can add barcode scanning and data capture to virtually any production line, conveyor, sorting system, or other workflow where you need to identify, track and manage parts, components, finished goods or packages. There are multiple scanner models available with sizes and capabilities to match virtually any scanning application requirement, with easy software programmability that accounts for the number and type of barcode, ambient lighting, scanning distance and angle, line speed, available space, and whether your data is on a label or on a product itself. Each scanner includes a built-in lens, and there are smaller scanner models that can fit into small and tight spaces as well as scanners with programmable lighting to capture data in the dimmest environments. Most important for many businesses, these scanners capture the barcodes, DPMs and even OCR text that keep getting smaller and smaller every year. Especially in automotive or circuit board applications where things are getting tinier and more challenging all the time, Zebra’s imaging technology is blowing away barriers and changing what’s possible with data capture. Zebra is also achieving a huge breakthrough in ease of use with its FIS portfolio, providing the first fixed industrial scanning software that actually allows you to get scanners up and running in as little as 15 minutes. Zebra’s Aurora software provides a simple and intuitive interface as well as wizards and tools that help you specify and set up the exact functionality you need in just minutes. It’s a night- and-day difference compared to the mess of different software tools or the clunky, confusing, and time-consuming programming interfaces of previous fixed scanning solutions. Integrating Zebra’s solutions with other systems is also amazingly simple. Zebra’s scanners and data capture integrate beautifully with almost any third-party system or platform you might use, whether it’s an ERP, MES or some other system. Additionally, if you need help with integration or with configuring your scanners and scanning application, our team at Diversified Technologies can jump in and help. As a Zebra partner with over three decades of experience with scanning and imaging technologies, we can help you with all aspects of deploying an FIS solution—from analyzing your workflows and recommending the best scanners for your application, to actually installing and configuring your hardware, even on site. To learn more about capturing tiny data with Zebra’s fixed industrials scanners, and to arrange a demo or a free consultation, contact us now to get started. We’re excited about this new technology, and we’d love to help put it to work for you.