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One of the biggest challenges in setting up fixed-position barcode scanners to scan barcodes or digital part marks (DPMs) is getting your scanning devices to fit into tight spaces.

Many fixed industrial scanners on the market are too bulky to fit into the tight confines of spaces where you may also be using equipment, machines and conveyor systems to move parts, assemblies, finished goods, or packaging through your processes.

But even with smaller and more compact scanners, you might struggle to get the data capture results you need, especially since so many tight-space applications require specialized lighting, lensing, mounting and mirrors to get the job done.

Fortunately, there’s now a much simpler, easier and more effective way to get things working in smaller spaces with Zebra’s new portfolio of fixed industrial scanners.

Historically, Zebra has been developing advanced scanning technology to simplify data capture since 1969, and the company has been developing small, fixed scanners for use in various applications for years.

But Zebra recently made a huge move into the fixed industrial scanning (FIS) and machine vision (MV) space with its launch of compact, easy-to-use and incredibly powerful devices that were designed with customers’ biggest scanning headaches in mind.

In particular, Zebra designed and engineered a new generation of fixed-position scanners and imagers that can fit into almost any confined space, with a built-in lens and customizable lighting to ensure reliable capture of virtually any 1D/2D barcode, DPM or even OCR text.
For example, Zebra’s FS10 scanner is just 1” H x 2” D x 1.7” W or 25.4 mm x 51.0 mm x 43.0 mm. It also weighs just 4.23 ounces (120 grams).

Even its largest fixed industrial scanner, the FS70, which features a considerably larger camera/imager and is loaded with additional hardware to make it completely customizable, is only 2.5” x 3.75” x 2.5” or 63.0 mm x 95.0 mm x 65.0 mm. And it still weighs only 22.9 ounces or 650 grams.

Using these ultra-small devices, our team at Diversified Technologies is now able to help many of our customers get their fixed scanners to fit into ever smaller and more constrained spaces.

Importantly, we’re also able to leverage Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging and its ImagePerfect+ settings for focus, exposure gain and illumination control to ensure flawless data capture that accounts for every scanning factor.

We can take into account barcode size and type, barcode colors, available light, scanning distance and angle, the number of barcodes you need to capture (up 16 at once), read surface area, and your available space. Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging extends read ranges and focal distances, allows a larger field of view, and enables reliable data capture, even if you’re scanning damaged or poorly printed barcodes on a fast-moving conveyor belt or capturing DPMs on curved or reflective surfaces.

Depending on your needs, Zebra has different scanner models with different capabilities, including built-in lensing and lighting and a world of C-mount external lens and lighting options to achieve the field of view and working range that your application and environment require.

To get started, we typically conduct an application assessment and specify the hardware you’ll need. Then we create a mock-up of your application in our laboratory with a complete pilot test for proofing before we eventually deploy your solutions in your facility.

But another great thing about Zebra’s FIS solutions is that they’re easily programmable and customized using Zebra’s Aurora software.

This allows many of our customers to do their own configuration, testing and deployment using a modern software interface with easy-to-learn steps for setting up your lensing, lighting, focal points, field of view, and more. Many aspects of programming and configuration are as simple as making a single click, and there’s even an automatic setup called Auto-Tune, which dials in the perfect image for faster and more accurate setup right out of the box.

Zebra’s devices also include built-in Ethernet/IP with Add-On Profile, PROFINET and other network protocols, so you can integrate these devices painlessly and easily with any common PLC or host system. And they’re built with industrial-strength durability, temperature and humidity resistance, and IP65 and IP67 environment sealing.

You can learn more about these tiny but powerful and flexible solutions by checking out our Zebra FIS solutions page. But the bottom line is that, if you need fixed-position scanners that can fit into small spaces and capture data in virtually any environment or application, Zebra’s new fixed scanners are hands-down the best option now available in the data capture industry.

To explore the possibilities in more detail, feel free to reach out to us at Diversified Technologies to request a demo, specifications, and get answers to all your questions.