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In many manufacturing environments, full product traceability is now an absolute requirement throughout the production process, with customers and regulatory bodies demanding a complete audit trail for safety, compliance, recall management, and other purposes.

This puts a lot of pressure on manufacturers and suppliers to successfully track and trace products at each production stage, and it’s especially challenging when you need to trace products on the move.

If you need to identify and track components, subassemblies, assemblies and finished goods as they move through multiple stages on conveyors, this can add up to a lot of scanning of barcodes and digital part marks (DPMs). Usually it will also need to happen at different angles, in different lighting conditions, and often in confined spaces involving products of various sizes and shapes—often with multiple barcodes to scan—on lines that move at different speeds.

Fortunately, with fixed industrial scanning and machine vision technologies, you can accommodate virtually any scanning and data capture requirement, and you can set up fully customized and automated traceability with relative ease.

For example, using Zebra’s groundbreaking fixed industrial scanning (FIS) devices and its Aurora software platform, you can install Zebra imagers at key production locations and quickly configure and program them for your scanning requirements in as little as 15 minutes.

Unlike other fixed-position scanning solutions, Zebra’s scanners include an integrated lens, and its software is the first to actually deliver on the promise of true ease of use, with simple and easy-to-learn tools that help you implement a fully operational, customized and standardized scanning solution in record time.

Using Zebra’s software, you can program your devices in a few simple steps, with resolution, lensing and advanced scanning and imaging algorithms to capture 1D/2D barcodes and DPMs as well as ensure optical character recognition.


Zebra’s scanners are available in sizes and capabilities to meet virtually any implementation requirement, so you can scan barcodes and capture data of all sizes, in almost any operating condition. Using Zebra’s software, you can configure your fixed scanning devices to adjust for:

  • Line speed
  • Barcode type
  • Scan distance
  • Ambient lighting
  • Scanning angle
  • Available space
  • Number of barcodes
  • Barcode locations
  • Data on a label or on a product itself

For example, if you need to capture 2D DPMs on a printed circuit board array, you can scan barcodes both on the outside of an array and on every board, not only capturing board data but also tying each board to the array it came from.

Capturing this data and getting it into your ERP, MES or other systems is also relatively easy because Zebra’s hardware and software integrate easily with almost any third-party system or platform. As a global leader in data capture since 1969, Zebra has always been on the forefront of integrating scanning and imaging technologies with other systems, so its solutions work beautifully with everything from SAP and Oracle to custom-built manufacturing, quality and inventory management systems.

If you need help in configuring your fixed scanning devices or integrating data capture with your other production and business systems, you can also reach out to our experts at Diversified Technologies. We’ve been working with Zebra scanning and imaging technologies for over 30 years, and we have extensive experience in helping manufacturers configure and deploy traceability systems. So we can help you at every step of the way and can provide on-site implementation support.

Our experts can also show you how you can install and use Zebra fixed scanning solutions for additional production automation, such as sorting and robotic palletization. And we can show you how to convert Zebra fixed scanners into machine vision devices for visual inspections, assembly and process verification, automated component or product counts, and much more. Since Zebra’s fixed scanners are also dual-purpose machine vision solutions, it’s as simple as updating your Zebra software license to unlock these additional capabilities.

To learn more about how to use fixed industrial scanners to trace moving products and how to use Zebra technologies for fixed scanning, machine vision and more, contact us now to arrange a demo and get answers to your questions. We’d be happy to help.